Wk4-Artist Conversation-Elmer Guevara

Artist: Elmer Guevara 

Exhibition: Immaterial 

Media: Oils on canvas 

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West 

Website: N/A

Instagram: @3lmski1

Elmer Guevara is student at Cal State Long Beach in the arts program and will be graduating this spring semester with a bacholers in drawing & paint. Elmer is interested in street art and explores the streets of Los Angeles to help create his artwork. Below this analysis is a picture of Elmer’s picture titled “Carlos”. Elmer’s painting of this guy named Carlos incorporates a sort of shaky motion picture with items from the Los Angeles streets like the freeway sign. Elmer made this painting while Carlos was moving which is why it is not stationary. Carlos was created in an interview made on homeless individuals in Los Angeles. He wanted to show that even though some people may be homeless they are still important.When speaking with Elmer he stated how he wanted to also display the things that we see everyday but think nothing about. For instance, the freeway signs again and the underpass. When I looked at this picture it caught my attention because I travel to Los Angeles a lot and I had seen how Elmer brought all things in the picture alive. The picture does not do his artwork any justice but check it out. img_3275


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