Wk6-Artist Conversation-Unknown

Artist: Unknown 

Exhibition: Meme Show

Media: Non -Degree Group Exhibition 

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

For the three of you reading this that do not know what a “meme” is, a meme is an image or video that is meant to be funny and spreads through social media. For instance, the very popular meme as of right now of the teenage “catch me outside, how bout that” girl from Dr.Phil.(the picture of her is below is text) I feel that this exhibit is classified as art because it is a display of popular cultural in millennials. Before seeing this display I didn’t see memes being considered art but it took me actually seeing it in an art gallery to realize that this popular thing my generation has created is in fact art. It is something that was created and produces emotion, mainly humorous emotion. I liked this display because it was something I connected to, if my grandmother walked in she would probably have no clue to what this was but at the same time I could see some art work from her time and not get anything from it as well, and that is why I think this display is unique. It shows the connection between millennials.



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