Wk10-Art Experience-The Wedge

For the USU wedge, I decided to go with an outcome of completely getting rid of the entrance or exiting of the wedge. To give everyone the same opportunity and to decrease the flow of traffic because of the shortcut I chose to put up a brick wall in place of the open wedge. Therefore, everyone will now have to go around creating equal opportunity for everyone. There will be no indecisive looks exchanged between students because they can’t figure out who will go through first, which will save everyone some time. No more “you go first, no you go first”. When making my decision I came up with the idea pretty quickly. It’s something that can be done efficiently and it doesn’t give anyone an advantage. A lot of the people that I talk to at the school never really mentioned either of the wedges so I don’t think that students will be talking about the new wall a year from now. But if they do I think it would just be a lot of gossip of people saying, “Hey, did you see that they put a brick wall in the place of that wedge by the USU?”


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