Wk14-Art Activity-Japanese Garden

Our art experience for this week was to do sketches of the Japanese garden at on campus. This was my first time really being able to experience the garden, I had been before but I was in a rush and didn’t even walk around. Since I knew that I was going to be drawing things from the garden I was a little more in tune with my surroundings. It was a hot day on campus so I decide to sit under a tree and begin my sketches. I first started by doing the 30 second sketch and the outcome looked crazy but I guess since it was a sketch it didn’t matter. I found it interesting to draw the shape of my hand while not looking at my paper, my hand came out pretty symmetrical but the actual size was no where close to my actual hand size.  I believe I was able to draw the duck and the little gate surrounding the pond well. Overall, the sketches at the Japanese garden was a success and I plan on going there more often, maybe the next time I will feed the Koi fish.


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