Wk15-Classmate Conversation-Joseph McEntee

Wow! This spring semester has gone by fast. The last classmate conversation assignment was completed with Joseph McEntee. Joseph is of course a student at Cal State Long Beach. He will be completing his second year of college this semester and is majoring in Business Management. Joseph McEntee is from “The Bay”. For those of you that do not know what “The Bay” is , it is basically Northern California; San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley. Some people also call this area “The Yay” as slang. Anyways, now Joseph lives in Long Beach. Being that Joseph is a business major, he spends a lot of time on homework. Business is an impacted major, therefore,  there is a lot of competition so he has to make sure he is on top of his game. A couple of things Joseph likes to do when he is not at school or studying are gaining information on cars and playing basketball. It was nice talking to Joseph McEntee, and I hope he has a great college experience. 




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