Wk15-Art Experience-Design the Life You Really Want

The thing I think I will be doing in my life is becoming a professional dancers and being a consistently working dancer. I have and will continue to train in dancing and building relationships to learn more about the dancing industry and better myself mental and physically. In the next couple of years I will be focusing on becoming the best dancer I can possibly be and book dancing jobs frequently, if more then great. By the time I have been dancing for 5 years I hope to be a consistently working dancer and living off of my craft. 

The thing I would do if dancing disappeared tomorrow is work in a field where I could be around children. I will finish school and get my bachelors degree in child development. During school I will intern at local elementary school and get experience with child. After, I plan to work at an elementary school and put an positive impact on children’s life. 

If I was financially secure, I would honestly have to say I would still pursue being a professional dancer. My career would probably come quicker being that I have money. Having more money will make it were I can pay for more training and classes and I will have more time in general to focus on my class because I wouldn’t have to work. Out of all these possible futures the last one would be the easiest but I believe the first one would be best because it builds character.


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