Wk15-Extra Credit Blog

Art 110 with Glenn Zucman was definitely one for the books, it was my first art class in college. I had not been in an art class since my 8th grade year. My three favorite art experience was plaster casting, landscaping with a corpse, and zine books. I believe I like these experiences so much because they called for you to be creative and actually do something you don’t do often or in my case have not done before. My least favorite art experiences is the wedge, automatic drawing, and art care package. It is not that they were bad experiences but that I wasn’t able to experience these activities the way I wanted to. Overall, the class was good and well organized. The class got weekly emails reminding them of the task for the week and weeks to come. There were even other websites we used called WordPress(what we are on now), Beach Arts, and Slack. At first using these different websites were confusing but once I got the hang of it, it all made a lot of sense. This class was very interesting and I would recommend students take it.


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